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Hi Sisters
Year ago
No More Lies
Year ago
Mercedes Bossano
Mercedes Bossano Hour ago
OMG this vid is 1 hour ahhhhhhhhhh yayyyyyyyayayayayyayayayayayyayayayayayYy LOVE YOU JAMES ❤❤❤
D’yani Willis
D’yani Willis Hour ago
It’s your heart drops to your stomach or your heart stops!! Love you!!❤️🥰
Sveto Pac Pac
Sveto Pac Pac Hour ago
when I look on lil nas face I see him dying inside
heng haoyu
heng haoyu Hour ago
Is James Charles marshmallow
Kalee Ann
Kalee Ann Hour ago
I feel like I was in a whole hour c o n v e r s a t i o n.
Raina Raindrop
Raina Raindrop Hour ago
James charles is a boy
Mayeda Fathima
Mayeda Fathima Hour ago
He is a half girl 🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
Perseus Spy
Perseus Spy Hour ago
Are you he or she or Gaiiii
Kery Sujana
Kery Sujana Hour ago
How many people are whatching this in 2020 if show like
desi Hour ago
6:43 “Hi whore” THATS A MOOD IDK WHY
Sea East
Sea East Hour ago
James cannot live without sisters
Rose_Girl! Hour ago
Mercedes Bossano
Mercedes Bossano Hour ago
Love you James you are SO talented ❤❤❤❤❤
Rani Vaeth
Rani Vaeth Hour ago
yes sister
Tenko Shigaraki
Tenko Shigaraki Hour ago
Hello James!! Just wanted to ask two quick questions! Do you have any skin care products cause I want to take care of my face. Next Question is! Where can I buy your makeup pallets?
Fima ain
Fima ain Hour ago
Really?!? This his wrost make up doing?.....hahahahahaha....i i i just wanna cry...😨😢(because i also can't do the make up he did , i mean mine is more way wrost what i called my best ;( )
Kd_3_poles Funny videos
Kd_3_poles Funny videos Hour ago
Teresa Berger
Teresa Berger Hour ago
Don’t eat the cranberry salad 💛
XxV16xX Hour ago
Me loving the intro and watching it like 20 times be like: ;-;
Rojohn Micheal
Rojohn Micheal Hour ago
Jayne Carr
Jayne Carr Hour ago
jo jo looked much better and more her age in james make up i think they need to start transitioning her a little bit...the outfits and huge bows say 5 year old to me...sorry not sorry..
Faith Young
Faith Young Hour ago
Can you do another Xmas event plssss
Mani hi Lamae
Mani hi Lamae Hour ago
Hi hi I love jojo siwa
Faith Young
Faith Young Hour ago
Can you do another Xmas event plssss
Ida Wulffsberg
Ida Wulffsberg Hour ago
you’re amazing 🌟🌟
Salty Potato
Salty Potato Hour ago
James: would I want to indulge with on, no People behind the scenes: oh, oh, oh, oh 💀
Janel Zeynalova
Janel Zeynalova Hour ago
I think for dogs this makeup looks very beautiful I mean the DOG chooses makeup and it is not bad
Jayne Carr
Jayne Carr Hour ago
i jo jo siwa okay i do not want to sound mean but she seems not 17....i wish people would let her be herself.
Kyra Hawkins
Kyra Hawkins Hour ago
Love this also you look good in any makeup🥺😂
NOOB Fatma vs pro zeyad Ahmed hecker vs Girl Laya
NOOB Fatma vs pro zeyad Ahmed hecker vs Girl Laya Hour ago
i love youer makeup james
Tavi Ahmed
Tavi Ahmed Hour ago
guyrodly cesar
guyrodly cesar Hour ago
Ok but like his skin glowing
Kinza Emaan
Kinza Emaan Hour ago
But yes you are best don't cry
Amelia Radford
Amelia Radford Hour ago
Kenzie:what's that! Viewers:Awkward!😟
summer Hour ago
is the description box incomplete or is it just me
faith luna
faith luna Hour ago
1:11:28 in my school we have a thing either before or after lunch that teaches us those things we call it spartan time because our school mascot is a spartan warrior I live in Texas and I'm in junior high and in spartan time we are currently learning how to buy a car btw the intro was amazing
Honey Manliguez
Honey Manliguez Hour ago
while this video was playing I do so many things😆, done cooking, eating, foot spa and pedicure😉😂
taru gaming
taru gaming Hour ago
James Charles can u please try indian food please do this video if u dont do this video I will be so sad please make this video please please please please please please please
FazeEdits Hour ago
nike sock jacket
Hug_Time_Hugz Hour ago
Dude this child is rlly funny
Maximilian Strohmayer
Maximilian Strohmayer Hour ago
dont eat the cramberry salad
TyroneGaming Hour ago
Her sister spirit is Flashback Mary. "Which is a joke"
Eat ramen
All Rounder
All Rounder Hour ago
He speaks so fast 🤩
Janel Zeynalova
Janel Zeynalova Hour ago
your doggy is very clever well done to your doggy LOL but I am saying true well done to him
Melissa Maszczak
Melissa Maszczak Hour ago
James is to much😂
Dark magic
Dark magic Hour ago
What ?you like niki
Hana Blacklow
Hana Blacklow Hour ago
omg you are SOOOOOOO good at what you do james! i do belive that you are gonna come very far with your talent! and i also really hope that i will actually be able to do makeup just like you because you really are my role model in life!!!
Rose Meteka
Rose Meteka Hour ago
you could make a gaming channel for yourself so you can post makeup related things on your main youtube channel, and you could play among us and or other games (if you play other games) on your gaming channel! it will be hard (i think but im pretty sure) but it could be easier i think so you can have a channel dedicated to games and another channel dedicated to makeup! this is just an idea tho :)
Platinium.Chxrry Hour ago
This video makes me want to call 911 and ask them what's the emergency.
blluebxerrii Hour ago
BTS And Army's
BTS And Army's Hour ago
Hi sisters 😀 Best line of James sister I love it 😀
sunrocks Hour ago
This feels like he’s live. Like streaming a get ready with me.
「Tendo Satori」
「Tendo Satori」 Hour ago
4:25 trevor?? kinda looks like albert
Janel Zeynalova
Janel Zeynalova Hour ago
omg when you said word makeup your doggy showed a face haha LOLLL
Soniya Singh ⟭⟬소냐 싱⟬⟭
Soniya Singh ⟭⟬소냐 싱⟬⟭ Hour ago
I just loved Day 2 Outfit 😍♥️😍
Pratiksha Pujari
Pratiksha Pujari Hour ago
Wow You so funny .
Nik Eznie Nik Abd Rahim
Nik Eznie Nik Abd Rahim Hour ago
hey james so why didn't you tell naz about this competition naz would be like so so so so so so freakin happy and would do anything to win but i am not mad at you and i know that you already did a collab with the norris nuts and that still mean so much too naz and dont forget i am not mad at you
Nik Eznie Nik Abd Rahim
Nik Eznie Nik Abd Rahim Hour ago
once again i am not mad at you
Julia Cyganowska
Julia Cyganowska Hour ago
omg hi sisters
Whiskers George Pie
Whiskers George Pie Hour ago
James last time: "I have never said 'yass' in my life" James this time: 18:45
Peytonator 10 51
Peytonator 10 51 Hour ago
Sir Remy
Sir Remy Hour ago
Oh no... The hacks I watched when I was 12 are coming to haunt me
maryam zaizaoui
maryam zaizaoui Hour ago
Sophia Kjær
Sophia Kjær Hour ago
First Last
First Last Hour ago
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