2020 Deleted Footage & Bloopers!!

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James Charles

3 months ago

HI SISTERS! HAPPY NEW YEAR! I'm so excited to finally move on from 2020 and start a new year together! Before the year starts though, I wanted to show you guys some behind the scenes footage and bloopers from my favorite videos this year! Enjoy!!
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GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov

Aram Ladojan
Aram Ladojan 13 hours ago
I love lilnaz x hes so gold in sinngin
Grace L
Grace L 17 hours ago
Addison: Do you ever post blooper videos? James: Yeah Addison: *Cronch* Me: I am currently watching one
Diwa Mishra
Diwa Mishra 19 hours ago
What is going on at 6:48 😂😂
Ougan Beltre
Ougan Beltre 19 hours ago
Saleha Parween
Saleha Parween 21 hour ago
4:48 who is she? is she really bebe rexha or somelese tell me : )
Saleha Parween
Saleha Parween 18 hours ago
@Vasco Simões oh ! Thanks my guess was going on Kylie only But my bebe rexha made me wrong.
Vasco Simões
Vasco Simões 18 hours ago
it's kylie jenner ❤️❤️
elaina hall
elaina hall 21 hour ago
Addison's fingers didn't get blurred in time...
Katherine Kahle
Katherine Kahle 23 hours ago
3:24... what vid was that
ugh, as if!
ugh, as if! Day ago
Omg not Miss Assaulter and Satan blood shoe- 😭🤚💀
It’s Ava :P
It’s Ava :P Day ago
How many brothers do you have James? James: one How many sisters do you have? James: emm 25.6M why?
Just Ninja
Just Ninja 2 days ago
The secretive debt prominently check because beetle neurochemically waste save a disastrous shade. cold, quarrelsome curler
Kent Reynald
Kent Reynald 2 days ago
Kent Reynald
Kent Reynald 2 days ago
3 2 1... JAMES: “Hi Siste...” BRETMAN: Actionnn 😂
Stephanie Jean
Stephanie Jean 3 days ago
Louis 1m times in 2020: "me" James 1m times in 2020: "Oh shore."
Elena Coulston
Elena Coulston 3 days ago
Who watching this in April 2021
XxxSophie xxX
XxxSophie xxX 3 days ago
“ owww I’m sensitive “
Dearbhla Doherty
Dearbhla Doherty 3 days ago
4:53 “ I loved ur finger in that” ahhahahahhahahaha I love her lol
Vivian Liu
Vivian Liu 3 days ago
anime fan
anime fan 3 days ago
Maybe a collab with cardi or Ariana
Leny Royale
Leny Royale 3 days ago
You should do ariana grandes makeup
Tanell Henderson
Tanell Henderson 4 days ago
Why does ur mom look like Catherine O'Hara😭😂
Zariah Flores
Zariah Flores 4 days ago
who els new doja cat vaped
Haihai Robisin
Haihai Robisin 6 days ago
Queen Laura
Queen Laura 6 days ago
Yeah i cant see him the same after that music video lil nas
Hannah Haislip
Hannah Haislip 6 days ago
in the beginning of this video james looks like he glued his eyebrows down NO HATE love you james the eyebrows slayyyyyed tho
P&M Gaming
P&M Gaming 7 days ago
Mr beasts gang do your makeup
Houston Blacksmith
Houston Blacksmith 7 days ago
am a sister now yaaaaaaaaaaaay
Eilish Collins
Eilish Collins 7 days ago
Collab with Billie Eilish
Kashmiere Pearl
Kashmiere Pearl 7 days ago
Hey James!
Rin Touch
Rin Touch 7 days ago
March 29 is my birthday
Rin Touch
Rin Touch 7 days ago
We’re at 2021 now
Emma Stevens
Emma Stevens 7 days ago
Why are almost of the clips about chick-fil-a!!🤪😆🤣
VICTORIA&SCARLETT! The Channel 7 days ago
“I have to fart” Wet. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣
Dianney Werleman
Dianney Werleman 7 days ago
Anybody watching this in april 2021
Hallie Bausher
Hallie Bausher 7 days ago
im 8 and im OBSESSED with ur vids
dyaneDaffodil 7 days ago
Just saving this don't mind me 4:05-Charli d'amelio (another one is 5:45 and 8:17) 5:19-Doja Cat (another one is 6:15) 6:53-Addison Rae (another one is 8:52) 2:16-Larray (another one is 9:57) 11:24-the squad ig 14:46-Emma Chamberlain 15:23-James, Dixie, Charli
dyaneDaffodil 3 days ago
@s w a n yeah :)
s w a n
s w a n 3 days ago
Peach 7 days ago
Doja cat : fighting ash Me : is ShE oKay
numbghoul 7 days ago
Hi sister James I follow your Instagram and I love your friends they are good at TIkTok
Kokolee 15
Kokolee 15 7 days ago
You and emery Bingham need to do a vid together
Savannah Harper
Savannah Harper 7 days ago
it is the fart for me
Madelin McNeil
Madelin McNeil 7 days ago
bestie you got some makeup on your shirt. :)
Kaminari's lost brain
Kaminari's lost brain 8 days ago
11:36 I thought I was the only one who do that when I'm focused lol
Plush Trap
Plush Trap 8 days ago
I highly doubt your going to see my comment James but could you do another collab with lil nas that video was awsome but instead of talking about holiday what about momontaro (I don't know how to spell it) that song was fire and how he just yeeted those homophobes in that video we stan
Brandon Scott
Brandon Scott 8 days ago
i love you
Briella Cudworth
Briella Cudworth 8 days ago
Emma Joudeh
Emma Joudeh 8 days ago
2:10 is my favorite
Dunkin.x.Sunraee 8 days ago
I'm screen recording adduosn doing the middle finger on my tictok
Mayte De la Garza
Mayte De la Garza 9 days ago
Am I the only one who wants the drunk makeup tutorial bloopers??🤔
phoebe 8 days ago
Kalia Siemens
Kalia Siemens 9 days ago
why is Ashley in the background
Eva Pilkevica
Eva Pilkevica 9 days ago
addison is so RuDe in real life lol : /
phoebe 8 days ago
have you even met her?
Jayda Cassanova
Jayda Cassanova 10 days ago
Smiley. Face
Smiley. Face 10 days ago
“You know what we should get for dinner?🤭 CHick-FiLlA 😏” Miranda Sings is 🧚🏻‍♀️✨SHAKING✨🧚🏻‍♀️
Angelina Makarski
Angelina Makarski 10 days ago
The sedate literature alarmingly need because lumber nally groan past a godly paint. regular, guiltless baby
Kelly Robinson
Kelly Robinson 10 days ago
Editvamp P
Editvamp P 11 days ago
I love it how Kylie says:youve killing it
ky grace
ky grace 11 days ago
it’s not too deleted if it’s right there
billy billy
billy billy 11 days ago
thank you for uploading this oh James honey I love you sister
Intan Norbalqis
Intan Norbalqis 11 days ago
imagine james talks with harry styles
Delilah Bonneau
Delilah Bonneau 8 days ago
@YellowWeirdo Harry isn’t dead lol
YellowWeirdo 10 days ago
@Kelly Robinson Harry styles
Kelly Robinson
Kelly Robinson 10 days ago
@YellowWeirdo Who's dead?
YellowWeirdo 11 days ago
I think he’s dead 👀
Damla Alper
Damla Alper 12 days ago
This really made my day bc it was so bad
Sophie Garman
Sophie Garman 12 days ago
OMG the intro fit is BOMB
Nmtalana Mtalana
Nmtalana Mtalana 13 days ago
2:11 🤣🤣🤣
Grier Governale
Grier Governale 13 days ago
what is the guys name in this vid who want taco bell instead of chic fil a?????????????
Lucas Haug
Lucas Haug 13 days ago
13:20 and the rest of that clip has me DEAD
the lemon aka Lemoine fam!
the lemon aka Lemoine fam! 13 days ago
I lost it at 2:10 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Brooklyn McGovern
Brooklyn McGovern 13 days ago
Brooklyn McGovern
Brooklyn McGovern 13 days ago
Well 2021 is THE SAME AS 2020 BRUH
ANEDRIA RAMSAY 13 days ago
I love 6:52
Lauren 13 days ago
9:50 iconic
Larry Wray
Larry Wray 14 days ago
14:51 JAMES QUITE ON SET Emma Chanberlin
Serena Kanu
Serena Kanu 14 days ago
a video with nailea and vinnie please
Alyssia Nicholson
Alyssia Nicholson 14 days ago
Petition for James to do Nickocados makeup
Sophia Ross
Sophia Ross 14 days ago
Addison: 09:19
Teresita leshan
Teresita leshan 14 days ago
morgan_ the_rat_
morgan_ the_rat_ 15 days ago
people watching in 2021 be like:it only gets worse
Avry Lovette
Avry Lovette 15 days ago
In the clip of doja cat vaping james face was like this B*%#! did not just vaped in my new house!
Haley Hemberger
Haley Hemberger 15 days ago
"just had to wet my whistle" was the funniest one to me😂😂😆🤭
Liko Arreola
Liko Arreola 16 days ago
Go to God and Jesus Now and Forever
its mua, astrid
its mua, astrid 14 days ago
uno reverse card
Sanskruti Shiwale
Sanskruti Shiwale 16 days ago
i literally love when the people behind the camera go *"YEeEeeEeEeeEEeSSSssSssSSSsS"*
Jordan Allen
Jordan Allen 16 days ago
My god damn fucking internet went out
Super Bowser jr Bro
Super Bowser jr Bro 16 days ago
James can you say words
Victoria Negretti Antonetti
Victoria Negretti Antonetti 16 days ago
I was like charli at 4:11
Nazneen Ghiassi-Razavi
Nazneen Ghiassi-Razavi 16 days ago
James Charles burping compilation
Mohammed Fardeen
Mohammed Fardeen 16 days ago
2:10 omg really funny my tummy hurts and James I love u and your videos ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
•Mega_Strawberry• 16 days ago
Doha Cat: When you say sister it’s like, satisfying James: It should be
Adrian 16 days ago
Little did we know it was going to be the worst year.
Not the duck girl across the street
Not the duck girl across the street 17 days ago
Not the duck girl across the street
Not the duck girl across the street 17 days ago
Also type in : awesome: no spaces then refresh
Yellow Mango
Yellow Mango 17 days ago
11:11 why is that part so awkward 0-0 take some time to see it
Aarushi Malakar
Aarushi Malakar 17 days ago
Can we appreciate how good James looks here❤️
Peyton E
Peyton E 17 days ago
9:37 *flashback marry has entered the chat*
theresa stilinski o’brien
theresa stilinski o’brien 17 days ago
5:18 hahahahaha
Iz Me
Iz Me 17 days ago
"If he was a Pokiemon he'd say sisster" LOL OMG😆😅😂
roni sapir
roni sapir 17 days ago
Is Doja cat smoking-
One equestrian with a hope
One equestrian with a hope 18 days ago
Addison would HATE waxing her eyebrows!
Paola Garcia
Paola Garcia 18 days ago
Oop Addison is like I never do the middle finger even tho she does lol
Sophia’s Vlogs
Sophia’s Vlogs 18 days ago
Does anyone else think that the girl fixing Doja Cat’s necklace looks exactly like Ashley from instant influencer??!!!!
jovana tomic
jovana tomic 16 days ago
so that isn't her lol
Grace Murphy
Grace Murphy 19 days ago
I’m ✋🏻 a 😛 savage 😅 classy 👏🏻 bougie 🤪 ratchet ✌🏻 sassy 💁🏻‍♀️ moody 🙅🏻‍♀️naaaaaaaaaa 💕
elysaeaa 19 days ago
clickbait videos "JAMES CHARLES IS VERY RUDE OFF CAMERA....." James off camera: "you're doing amazing sweetie"
Lewis Plays
Lewis Plays 19 days ago
7:46 I don’t even have hair
it's.Vasudha 19 days ago
It's weird how ppl were not expecting addison to act like she did LMAO she is a 20 year old she only acts I would say family friendly on social media cuz she has a younger audience otherwise if u watch her on other ppl's channels like bryce or the vlog squad u will see she ain't the same :)
Adorabelle Iver
Adorabelle Iver 19 days ago
Erianne Meeks
Erianne Meeks 19 days ago
As many times as he says chick file shit up because I know I spelled it wrong
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