Full Face Using FROZEN Makeup Challenge 🥶

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James Charles

2 months ago

HI SISTERS! In today's video, I decided to freeze every single product in my makeup routine! This makeup challenge was insanely fun to see which products still worked and which ones turned into ice cubes! Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!
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EDITOR: Ryan Allen
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov

xavier poulter
xavier poulter 56 minutes ago
Australia, I love the winter because my parents give me hot milo like every couple days and omg it’s amazing
Alisha Nazran
Alisha Nazran Hour ago
Is there snow where you live?? I live in Britain obviously it snowed in freaking april
Riya Nair
Riya Nair 2 hours ago
Snow? We have bright sunshine during winters
Lana Lana
Lana Lana 4 hours ago
I lave in Croatia
Zoey Afton
Zoey Afton 4 hours ago
I live in Brisbane (Australia) no there is not snow :'( but I have gone Ice skating and there is snow where my aunt lives and I have been there in the winter with snow it was very fun Also U probably shouldn't of done this cuz water expands a lot when it freezes so... U could of ruined them ;)
Lucija Guja
Lucija Guja 5 hours ago
Well yes, there was snow where i live😂🌨️❄️⛄ (since this was 2 Months ago-)
sophie wiebrecht
sophie wiebrecht 5 hours ago
I live in Broome in Western Australia and NO there is no snow, like it gets to 40degrees c
Jasmin Stewart
Jasmin Stewart 6 hours ago
He does look lighter
Kiara Vida
Kiara Vida 6 hours ago
It does snow there
Kiara Vida
Kiara Vida 6 hours ago
I lived in Minnesota
Rose 6 hours ago
Aiela Karaiyara
Aiela Karaiyara 7 hours ago
"Is there snow in your place" I live in korea for college honey
Tyler De La Cruz
Tyler De La Cruz 7 hours ago
BB steam and hot water doesn’t open your pores it just loosens the dirt on your face which makes your face smooth
Faith Bynum
Faith Bynum 8 hours ago
I live in Mississippi and there is snow sometimes but most of the time there is not but last year it snowed sooo much or at least it’s the most I’ve ever seen ⛄️☃️❄️🌨
Maddie B
Maddie B 10 hours ago
In Australia NSW Parkes there is no snow
jaredandkeri 10 hours ago
Yes we do in pleasant grove Utah in winter and sometimes spring
Amy Attard
Amy Attard 11 hours ago
No we do not get snow in Malta
ari,njomza,and courtney chipolone stan
ari,njomza,and courtney chipolone stan 12 hours ago
I live in Canada, Alberta, Calgary
Mia Whitley
Mia Whitley 14 hours ago
I love that hi sisters he is so good at his makeup
Mia Whitley
Mia Whitley 14 hours ago
I love that hi sisters he is so good at his makeup
that gamer girl
that gamer girl 14 hours ago
i LOVE snow and winter but ever since i moved to puerto rico i have not seen it :(
JUGGERNAUGHT 15 hours ago
I'm from Indiana but we moved to Martinsville
JUGGERNAUGHT 15 hours ago
Yeah sometimes it snows in my country
Razan Almasri
Razan Almasri 17 hours ago
Omg you are so talented
Razan Almasri
Razan Almasri 17 hours ago
No we don't have snow here I live in Jordan
Claire Bastin
Claire Bastin 17 hours ago
James what age do u think I should wear Foundation well for any person what age do you think it's good for a person to wear Foundation
Tilli frog the animator
Tilli frog the animator 17 hours ago
In Ireland theres just hail, I just wanted snow!
jana leben
jana leben 18 hours ago
In Slovenia is snow
Tilli frog the animator
Tilli frog the animator 17 hours ago
Ryan Harradine
Ryan Harradine 18 hours ago
I live in Scotland in the snow most of the time
Tilli frog the animator
Tilli frog the animator 17 hours ago
PJ Tomison
PJ Tomison 18 hours ago
Try living in Wyoming where there is snow and 65 mile an hour winds all year round😁
Tilli frog the animator
Tilli frog the animator 17 hours ago
Emily McNab
Emily McNab 20 hours ago
We get a lot of snow❄️❄️
Ann Guise
Ann Guise 21 hour ago
I live in Britain and we get snow but not a lot. I love the winter and snow
Sarah Latimer
Sarah Latimer 21 hour ago
W.A Australia
Mango Cherry
Mango Cherry 21 hour ago
I live in Poland and OMG there is SO much snow but I love it😁☺️👍♥️❄️⛄🌧️
Sharon Atkins
Sharon Atkins 23 hours ago
We don’t have snow but sometimes it comes also I live in Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿
Brielle UwU
Brielle UwU Day ago
No I live in the philippines😒🙁 I HAVE NEVER TOUCHED IRL SNOW BERORE Whispered in yur ear: send help.....😖😭😩😳
Janaye Austin
Janaye Austin Day ago
0:03 James : "oooooo berrrrrrr" Snowball: bOnK
Tilli frog the animator
Tilli frog the animator 17 hours ago
Haha 😂
Isabella Dur
Isabella Dur Day ago
I come from Germany and we had a snow storm and we were warned not to go out during the storm some trains and buses were also down. The snow was 20cm deep
munmun bora
munmun bora Day ago
I don't like winter at all and I am lucky here no snow come but in the winter season it does rain ice cubes. I live in a small place in INDIA called ASSAM, TEZPUR
Shirley Lewis
Shirley Lewis Day ago
I live where snow is and I love snow
Aamira Phelan
Aamira Phelan Day ago
No only rarely bc i live in england
Leia Molloy
Leia Molloy Day ago
no Australia
Ronnie C
Ronnie C Day ago
I live on the Isle of Wight sometimes there is snow roughly it happens 1 out of 4 Christmases
Mette Mink
Mette Mink Day ago
12:00 im CRYING
Kate Wilson
Kate Wilson Day ago
I have never seen or real snow ever in my whole life
Sxmply_Lxna Day ago
Am I dying? Lmfao
Philip Andrew
Philip Andrew Day ago
it s the unexpected ASMR moment for me-🤌🏻🤌🏻🤌🏻✨
Pamela Sheehan
Pamela Sheehan Day ago
I live in Australia Queensland
Bay skull
Bay skull Day ago
Ready for the winter I think xx😘
Lavender 31
Lavender 31 Day ago
You should do a pastel colored makeup look 🥺
fiona desouza
fiona desouza Day ago
I live in Washington DC and it snows and I hate winter I only like warm weather lol.
justine Goupil
justine Goupil Day ago
Theres so much snow here! There’s literally snow 300 days per year and i HATE IT 🥶
Adele Connolly
Adele Connolly Day ago
Where I live there is snow and yes I like the winter
Marilyn Tyner
Marilyn Tyner Day ago
I live in Michigan and we get a lot of snow but usually sometimes in the winter we go down to Florida
Gaming with Ava
Gaming with Ava Day ago
I don't have snow and I live in south Carolina
elisha reeve
elisha reeve Day ago
i love the winter fit.... me be like a few months later watching this
Lila Van der Laan
Lila Van der Laan Day ago
yes it snowed yesterday
Peyton Prazak
Peyton Prazak Day ago
James: "is there snow where you live?" Me: No I live in America like "wHaTs SNoW" YES I have snow and I love having it because I can throw snowballs at my sister.
Ajay Kumar
Ajay Kumar Day ago
James you are so cute and specially your smile love from India 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳
Alex Tutanes
Alex Tutanes Day ago
No Pilipinas i 🎿🏂
Heidi Pacheco
Heidi Pacheco 2 days ago
I live in a place where there is snow
jijiRajesh 2 days ago
I am from India
Isabella Harrington
Isabella Harrington 2 days ago
I saw it was not back wards it said hi sister
Pat Lardner
Pat Lardner 2 days ago
🇨🇮 I live in Ireland
Marta Trautmane
Marta Trautmane 2 days ago
I live in Europe and I have snow but like really really big snow it’s only every 3 or 4 years. This year it snowed yesterday
Lenna Emma
Lenna Emma 2 days ago
London no snow ❄️ 😔
alaina_art5 2 days ago
✨Am I DiEiNG?✨
alaina_art5 2 days ago
Yes I live in Minnesota and there is a lot of snow I personally don’t like the cold but it is still fun with snow
Alexis Vasquez
Alexis Vasquez 2 days ago
Yes I live in New York
Francis Milord
Francis Milord 2 days ago
No I live in Puerto Rico but I move to Springfield
Francis Milord
Francis Milord 2 days ago
And I have family there and I miss them so much
Xu Patricia
Xu Patricia 2 days ago
James: freezing eyelashglue Eyelashglue: DO NOT FREEZE haha I‘m dying
Xu Patricia
Xu Patricia 2 days ago
I‘m living in germany and there is some snow in wintertime but I don‘t really love it...I mean...I like it but I don’t need it all time...in fact I really like it in the night for just feeling warm and cozy in bed...so let’s say I like the wintertime but I don’t love it...lmao I love you and your Videos tho ❤️
Xu Patricia
Xu Patricia Day ago
@Martyna TheLovelyxox sry I have a german Keyboard but thx
Martyna TheLovelyxox
Martyna TheLovelyxox Day ago
marlene judy
marlene judy 2 days ago
Lilly May
Lilly May 2 days ago
I love your videos
Sera Daniels
Sera Daniels 2 days ago
It was in the fridge 🤨 not freezer pep the Malibu
Explorer 2021
Explorer 2021 2 days ago
When he puts the foundation he looked like the girl from white chicks
Millie 123
Millie 123 2 days ago
I don’t have snow in the living wharem
Softball sisters Lanyi
Softball sisters Lanyi 2 days ago
The water cream is ice cream now... don’t eat it.
Kerri Sullivan
Kerri Sullivan 2 days ago
Oh ya I'm in England but we do get but rarely
Kimberly Hawley
Kimberly Hawley 2 days ago
James: omg I have. a headache from putting this shadow on... also James: Omg am I dying?!😮
Kimberly Hawley
Kimberly Hawley 2 days ago
James, When you used the second makeup product it looked like you simmered the middle of your face😛
Aubrey Faith
Aubrey Faith 2 days ago
Where you live is there snow? Umm honey yes I live in Canada
jaiho jaiho
jaiho jaiho 3 days ago
James: where do you live ??????????????Me: no, I live in Singapore
gian cat
gian cat 3 days ago
i come frome england and it snowed yesterday and the other day and i love it
Jamiyah Cain
Jamiyah Cain 3 days ago
I’m from New York pros of snow no school cons it’s way too cold and you can’t really go anywhere sometimes
niamh o'connor
niamh o'connor 3 days ago
James : is there snow where u live ? Me living in ireland where the only waether is rain and wind 👁👄👁
Chandan Chakraborty
Chandan Chakraborty 3 days ago
No india west bengal
Tal Tal1
Tal Tal1 3 days ago
I live in California so it snows I live the snow
Jessixa Gaming
Jessixa Gaming 3 days ago
Yas Canada ofc there is snow no duh :c
Lilly Crawford
Lilly Crawford 3 days ago
I’m subscribing!
Lilly Crawford
Lilly Crawford 3 days ago
Love the intro
Blossomlove ASMR
Blossomlove ASMR 3 days ago
I live in Hawaii it never snows
Zoe Doudiet
Zoe Doudiet 3 days ago
i dont like the cold
Sakina Abdullabhai
Sakina Abdullabhai 3 days ago
I’m I dying
Marley Lee-Saavedra
Marley Lee-Saavedra 3 days ago
uhm his eyebrows magically went on?? I think not JAMES YOU DID UR EYEBROWSS!!!
Poppy Hogben
Poppy Hogben 3 days ago
Sometimes it snows but very rare
Astrid Johanne Bartnes Wikmark
Astrid Johanne Bartnes Wikmark 3 days ago
I live in tromsø. It's a city in Norway. Tromsø is north so it's snow january,february, march, april, may, august, september, october, november and december🥶
anab hirsi
anab hirsi 3 days ago
he was 15!!!!!!
leojonard Swart
leojonard Swart 3 days ago
James have you ever watch the movie frozen cuz I hate it
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