Best Friends Buy Each Other Christmas Gifts!

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James Charles

3 months ago

HI SISTERS! Happy Holidays! Today's video is another massive collabs with my best friends, Charli & Dixie D'Amelio, Noah Beck, Larray, and Chase Hudson! We played Secret Santa and got each other super emotional gifts to celebrate an amazing year all together. We hope you enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!!
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EDITOR: Ryan Allen
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov
OUTRO SONG: Earcandy

Shehnaazian S
Shehnaazian S 6 hours ago
Larry’s being honest i didn’t know what to get James since he has everything lol
Xiana Figueroa
Xiana Figueroa 7 hours ago
Love you James!!♡♡ You were my inspiration on my makeup and every time I do my makeup I think of you!!
Dhar Mann’s Biggest Fan
Dhar Mann’s Biggest Fan Day ago
Dixie’s mind when Noah gave all those gifts to Charli:death
Bianca De la Noval
Bianca De la Noval Day ago
This just makes me sad I miss the sister squad🥴🥺🥺
PrincessMakayla 10
PrincessMakayla 10 Day ago
Ella Singh
Ella Singh Day ago
I looooooved Noah’s gift to charli
Bun bun head Gacha life
Bun bun head Gacha life Day ago
Hi sisters
Princess Kelly Mendez 023
Princess Kelly Mendez 023 Day ago
Can u do a QNA if u do I want to know is Charlie and LARRAY
aisoredj aisore
aisoredj aisore Day ago
James Charles i Love you so much🤩
Taelynn world Baby
Taelynn world Baby Day ago
You seen charil text to Larry
Seerit Sara
Seerit Sara Day ago
omg larry and james so cute i thought of a ship name Jarry
Sophia Bonham
Sophia Bonham Day ago
You guys look at Noah when James gave Dixie her gift he looks like 😒I'm not kidding
Dinesh 25thakuri
Dinesh 25thakuri 2 days ago
ummmm i dont know what to say sry jamessssss
Lim-loeun Averee
Lim-loeun Averee 2 days ago
They Larry swiped the laptop away and said TrAsH 😂
Layla Martinez
Layla Martinez 2 days ago
Estera Cerneckyte
Estera Cerneckyte 3 days ago
Gosh Noah’s gift to charli was heart warming
Niyah Robledo
Niyah Robledo 3 days ago
Love you James💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕😘😘😘🥰😍
ReginaPlayzz_ YT
ReginaPlayzz_ YT 3 days ago
What have I just witnessed with James gift 😂😂😂🥲
Emilia Dondich
Emilia Dondich 3 days ago
dude im crying on larrys gift to james is wholesome 🥺😢
Kenley Mirambell
Kenley Mirambell 3 days ago
They were all wearing black
Eden Martin
Eden Martin 3 days ago
James hit that high note 😂😂😂
lee baker
lee baker 3 days ago
I ĺove how when Larry and charlie shook hands chase bumped Larry with his leg
Orla Corcoran
Orla Corcoran 3 days ago
I love how Larray was just listing the items to James 😆
Lily Waspe
Lily Waspe 4 days ago
Aww your so nice Noah xx darcy 🥺🥺🥺🥺
rainyray3 4 days ago
you guys have changed my life i love all the things you do on your chanels
Anaaya Ahmed
Anaaya Ahmed 4 days ago
Hi sisters
Jaelyn’s Beauty
Jaelyn’s Beauty 4 days ago
Larry to chase: wow you got money
Sarah Veras de sousa Pacheco
Sarah Veras de sousa Pacheco 5 days ago
Lindos principalmente a Charlie vc tem milhares de fãs brasileiros Charlie
ash N
ash N 5 days ago
lol even these guys are not supporting him 😂😂😂😂
ash N
ash N 5 days ago
sister squad seemed real a point
TianYue Zhuang
TianYue Zhuang 5 days ago
James your nails cutting skills though :O 5:47 And the reaction to every gift from people are way to sweet :DDD
its called secret santa in india
Aesthetic ღ girl - YTツ
Aesthetic ღ girl - YTツ 5 days ago
0:15 Uhh guys did you just see Noah kiss Dixie in her head 😍😍😍
Daniela Valdez Quintanar
Daniela Valdez Quintanar 5 days ago
I want Charli's reindeer socks 😂
Mathilde Nordenberg
Mathilde Nordenberg 6 days ago
Noah’s gift to Charli was soooo sweet awwww🥺🥺❤️❤️
Sarah Jamroz
Sarah Jamroz 6 days ago
Chases gift is amazing
Ruby xox
Ruby xox 6 days ago
I ship Charli and Noah🥺
Mili Monroy
Mili Monroy 6 days ago
I’m new bc I never had a account in USposts so hi
Suanne Anderson
Suanne Anderson 6 days ago
Noah is cute
Ruby Frances
Ruby Frances 6 days ago
Where can I get one of those scan songs things
Shaan Purewal
Shaan Purewal 6 days ago
At 2:08 chase looks to his right which is where Charli is sitting. She is probably so uncomfortable and so is chase.
Meli Cachu
Meli Cachu 7 days ago
Where is the avani like what’s going on with her
Harley Bowles
Harley Bowles 7 days ago
Omg on the gift that larray gave James I cried
love you Lord
love you Lord 7 days ago
God Jesus and The Holy Spirit is great
Tea Pot Joe
Tea Pot Joe 7 days ago
Sub to teapot joe channel
Cozy Xx
Cozy Xx 7 days ago
Noah is soooo cute 🥰
Jeimy Sosa
Jeimy Sosa 8 days ago
Well hello well hello hello James Charles I can see you're already celebrating yeah so I wanted to say hi to Charlie. I love her he is very popular especially her sister Dixie she is very pretty I love her blue hair
Brianna Hatchett
Brianna Hatchett 8 days ago
The grinch for James I can’t stop 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Edw stl
Edw stl 8 days ago
You are thé Best
وداد '
وداد ' 8 days ago
وش هاذا مني فاهم شي
Aayushi Mahato
Aayushi Mahato 9 days ago
13:15 peep how close charli and chase got 👀
Dallana Mejia Vasquez
Dallana Mejia Vasquez 9 days ago
Charlie Presents from Noah was so emotional and sweet 🎁❤️
Dan Miller
Dan Miller 9 days ago
Charlie the Mario😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Alexia strawberry cow love
Alexia strawberry cow love 9 days ago
I got your pallet!
Jojo Mohammed
Jojo Mohammed 9 days ago
ilove youuu🤍🥺
Madison Ciolkosz
Madison Ciolkosz 9 days ago
Is it just me or is Dixie and Noah the cutest couple on the internet?
king aida
king aida 9 days ago
Olivia Pearson
Olivia Pearson 10 days ago
In the beginning chase his foot just wanted to dance lol!!
Mackenzie Doyle
Mackenzie Doyle 10 days ago
samuel ً
samuel ً 10 days ago
I came here to see ravon 😭
Grem DaMan
Grem DaMan 10 days ago
0:19 look at charli and larray and chase
Reiko Henry
Reiko Henry 10 days ago
Did anyone see where lil huddy hurt larray
Alexander the tomcat
Alexander the tomcat 10 days ago
Gift guide for anyone who needs it: Chase gave a gift to Noah, Noah gave a gift to Charli, Charli gave a gift to Larray, Larray gave a gift to James James gave a gift to Dixie Dixie gave a gift to Chase
Millie Grace
Millie Grace 10 days ago
They way James huged larray
Simon rudd
Simon rudd 10 days ago
Chadha is back
Rahdia Abbas
Rahdia Abbas 10 days ago
Chase omg
Ema Perikic
Ema Perikic 11 days ago
Ulala Chaseee yourr leggg someone is jelous 😏
Santigamerz 9957
Santigamerz 9957 11 days ago
Si eres un hombre me mandó Kimberly Loaiza
lily davids
lily davids 11 days ago
It's Me
It's Me 12 days ago
Where is Addison 😪
Lia Kirkou
Lia Kirkou 11 days ago
Yes 😕😕😕😕😕😕😕
Regine Bullinger
Regine Bullinger 12 days ago
Noah is misding out tbh
Daniela Gomez
Daniela Gomez 12 days ago
Que no se note los celos de chase ejje
Charli D'Amelio
Charli D'Amelio 12 days ago
3:36 larray be like :Noah where's mine
Charli D'Amelio
Charli D'Amelio 12 days ago
3:36 larray be like :Noah where's mine
Princess Nita
Princess Nita 12 days ago
They're so thoughtful, I'm pretty sure this was from last year, but i WAS just watching for fun. tehe!
LyoKay 12 days ago
Sabina Cerda
Sabina Cerda 12 days ago
sorry i meant char does not need to get hate she is so nice a kind
Sabina Cerda
Sabina Cerda 12 days ago
omg i know right chris doe# not
XiNoNiCx sKyX
XiNoNiCx sKyX 12 days ago
awe 🥰❤️ this is so cute! 🥺❣️
Anime Only
Anime Only 12 days ago
Dixie : so I got Chase Charli: LIL HUDDY ?
Danica Games
Danica Games 12 days ago
Why chase gotta knee LARRAY LIKE THAT 😑
Charli D'Amelio
Charli D'Amelio 12 days ago
Charli and larray:shakes hands👏 Chase:don't touch my girl 😡
Antreas Kotsonis
Antreas Kotsonis 12 days ago
this is like sister squad from wish and the gifts are so bad the half of them bought each other desghin bags but on sister squad all gifts were emotional
Alexis Conway
Alexis Conway 12 days ago
Claire Pasay
Claire Pasay 13 days ago
Did anybody else notice that when dixie said she was going to get chase's gift her hair was blue but when she bought it her hair was purple?
Bianca Benjamin
Bianca Benjamin 13 days ago
The gifts are amazing mostly like Dixie
Anime Only
Anime Only 13 days ago
I loved noahs gift to Charli so sweet
Matthew's spiderman collection
Matthew's spiderman collection 14 days ago
James charles do you love hello kitty
Jules D
Jules D 14 days ago
James gift from Dixie awww😍😍
Alenie 1234
Alenie 1234 14 days ago
My brother has a blush
Alenie 1234
Alenie 1234 14 days ago
May bottleHas a blush
Precious Joy
Precious Joy 14 days ago
Rewatching this while waiting for Easter collab
Charli D'Amelio
Charli D'Amelio 12 days ago
This is literally my 4th or 5th time watching this 😂
Sareen Avadis
Sareen Avadis 14 days ago
Whoever is popular is James friend let be honest lol
zully 14 days ago
0:17 look lilhuddie
Teresita leshan
Teresita leshan 14 days ago
gaming don
gaming don 15 days ago
Do you guys love james and i am the one who is crying to meet with james
Samanta Jonaityte
Samanta Jonaityte 15 days ago
Are u and larary are together
Charli D'Amelio
Charli D'Amelio 12 days ago
No 😂
Stellasven Pretzell
Stellasven Pretzell 15 days ago
So it’s just I saw that I wanted you to be a drag queen but I don’t want to have any offense no offense but I just thought it would be fun for you to be a drag queen because my brother when he grows up he wants to make a little drag queen place because he’s inspired by you and I am inspired by you and I have one of your make up pallets because I love that you just do make up and you’re a guy and you don’t care what other people think why I think that I just love that about when people don’t care and then just to make up for fun and it’s just I like that about people and it’s just so great and I’m glad that you do make up because you inspired me for who I am 😊🙂
Abby Whitby
Abby Whitby 15 days ago
The omniscient guitar fascinatingly wobble because love topically bolt via a brawny regret. pink, capable comma
Tia Thorn
Tia Thorn 15 days ago
Noah’s gift was so cute 🥰
Cait Blair
Cait Blair 15 days ago
This makes me miss sister squad 🥲🥺
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