Exposing SCAM 5 Minute Crafts Makeup Hacks

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James Charles

Month ago

HI SISTERS! In today's video, I'm testing and EXPOSING more 5 minute craft makeup hacks. Spoiler alert, most of these are a huge scam so sit back and enjoy the rage as I try to make these work! hahaha don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!
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GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov

Aashi Sharma
Aashi Sharma 32 minutes ago
🤩 and said
Nathalie Krüger
Nathalie Krüger 2 hours ago
In another one of their videos on testing viral beauty hacks they roast themselves by saying that the third one (Which is their own) doesn't work...
Lets Be Real
Lets Be Real 7 hours ago
It was the stalk of broccoli for me. 🤣
Ainsley Stoddard
Ainsley Stoddard 7 hours ago
The last one looked like blod
Ava Richlen
Ava Richlen 7 hours ago
I think we all remember ✨ FaItHuL LiKe A bLiNd GuRl DoG ✨
Abby Gish
Abby Gish 9 hours ago
We need a part 3 please!!!❤️❤️❤️
Mariana Villarreal
Mariana Villarreal 11 hours ago
Olivia Rose
Olivia Rose 12 hours ago
5 minute crafts watching this video like: 👁👄👁
Aram Ladojan
Aram Ladojan 12 hours ago
Mabye u ken do a hack video about slijm ?😊😊 ...
lol 12 hours ago
*Sister shooock*
A vs A Gaming
A vs A Gaming 16 hours ago
I like how he shows the camera the finished look when he tries the hack. And when he freaks out after every hack (most hacks)
GachaPotatoCookies 16 hours ago
8:13 James be like ;-;
Chloe Parker
Chloe Parker 17 hours ago
the freckles looked like you just got done killing someone
Kennedy Smith
Kennedy Smith 20 hours ago
It is not werk!!! It is tweerk!!
Martina Jane t ELOPRE
Martina Jane t ELOPRE 21 hour ago
You so mean Jane They are try to try it and t you
Jojac Asuncion
Jojac Asuncion 21 hour ago
Hostels i really like your videos
KQ Fellaz Fanfictions
KQ Fellaz Fanfictions 22 hours ago
I feel like it would be fun if they did a Kpop makeup look or reacted to Kpop makeup 😳🤚
Monowara Khanam
Monowara Khanam Day ago
Your one of my best you tuber i love your videos your the best 😄😃💗
Ganelle Tan Vlogs
Ganelle Tan Vlogs Day ago
How come
Kenzie Morace
Kenzie Morace Day ago
When he said why is going in flames I died of laughter 😂 umm it was Lid for alcohol. Of course it’s going go up in flames 😂🤦🏻‍♀️
billy billy
billy billy Day ago
10:00 james is Impressed finally
Camille Gardiner
Camille Gardiner Day ago
Do more like this but with Larry
Ashley Parrish
Ashley Parrish Day ago
Yes a blind girls dog..- BOOTIFUL
Markuss Davis
Markuss Davis Day ago
James I love your hair but you look amazing bald
Aubrey Korotky
Aubrey Korotky Day ago
I Learned my make up skills from you thanks James😻❤️❤️❣️💕
Lavender 31
Lavender 31 Day ago
You should do a pastel colored makeup look.🥺
Coco Princess
Coco Princess Day ago
You are so funny
Lía Camprubí González-Garcés
Lía Camprubí González-Garcés Day ago
Champaign is so expensive !!! Right? 😂
Maria Jose Giannuzzi Fernandez
Maria Jose Giannuzzi Fernandez Day ago
James should do a video kind of like when he did his makeup horribly and called his friends but doing it using the 5 minute crafts hacks
Amelie Murray-Clark
Amelie Murray-Clark Day ago
This is the first James Charles video I’ve ever watched, and I love the intro! It’s very creative, and suits the channel 😊
Mang00 _animates
Mang00 _animates Day ago
5-minute crafts needs to be stopped. I feel bad for the people who beliven them and try the hacks.
Agnieszka Małecka
Agnieszka Małecka Day ago
I subscibe
Charmaine Vanessa
Charmaine Vanessa Day ago
Hi sister hello
Corin Thornton
Corin Thornton 2 days ago
James Charles Needs to work on his macke up
Corin Thornton
Corin Thornton Day ago
sorry i have dilexia
Luke B
Luke B Day ago
You need to work on your spelling
Sophia Hallal
Sophia Hallal 2 days ago
Do another
Pageant Girl
Pageant Girl 2 days ago
James: Today I’m not pregnant 🤰 and currently not bald 👨‍🦲
Olivya Reed
Olivya Reed 2 days ago
I LOVE YOU JAMES CHARLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Olivya Reed
Olivya Reed 2 days ago
Hope Marshall
Hope Marshall 2 days ago
Everyone in the back saying: YAS lmao
Olivia’s Random Stuff
Olivia’s Random Stuff 2 days ago
Jennifer Donaldson
Jennifer Donaldson 2 days ago
Mercury 2 days ago
"Because this is nasty and you should NOT be doing that." ...pls take your own advice sis-
It’s Lulu And Akko
It’s Lulu And Akko 22 hours ago
Haha yasssssssss
Ruby Da silva
Ruby Da silva 2 days ago
Ur actually so funny im laying in bed dyinggggg right now omgggg the cork on the champagne omg ur reaction nearly fell of my bed And the guy in the back is just 😂😂.
• L e m o•
• L e m o• 2 days ago
Let Brad Mondo do your hair!
Lara Moncrieff
Lara Moncrieff 2 days ago
Sorry but it is funny seeing you rage
sapna meetu
sapna meetu 2 days ago
i think 5 minutes crafts should be actually 5 minutes scams XD
Laureen Cushing
Laureen Cushing 2 days ago
the 5ths minute crafts are soooo bad. they got their supplies from the dollar store
Poppy Eldridge
Poppy Eldridge 2 days ago
PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ do a part 3 i love these so much!!
Jannafer Vang
Jannafer Vang 2 days ago
I don't know why but I like when James is angry😅😂❤️
Roblx World
Roblx World 2 days ago
Hi James
Kpop Stan
Kpop Stan 2 days ago
Erthugrul gazi
Erthugrul gazi 2 days ago
hahahaha amazing bro... i really enjoyed
Pusheen 2 days ago
Challenge: use the broccoli and the tissue to recreate the paint splatter
Kizianah KHOURI
Kizianah KHOURI 2 days ago
Can you do more we need moreeeeeeee
Majestic Zozo
Majestic Zozo 3 days ago
“Broccoli should not be eaten” Me who likes broccoli 👁💧👄💧👁
Riya Nair
Riya Nair 3 days ago
Part 3- Oh yeah
Leslie Avalos Saldana
Leslie Avalos Saldana 3 days ago
U should do more 5 minute crafts
Brookelyn I love butterflys
Brookelyn I love butterflys 3 days ago
I love James reats he is so funny 💜💜💜
{ • pashang • }
{ • pashang • } 3 days ago
the actors dont get paid enough
Teagn Maggard
Teagn Maggard 3 days ago
Nooooo!!! You picked the wrong stock of broccoli 🥦
layl9580 layl9580
layl9580 layl9580 3 days ago
can y try to recrate deku from (MHA) my hero academia pls
Anna Williams
Anna Williams 3 days ago
Ooopsie Peach
Ooopsie Peach 3 days ago
James, I learned how to do my eyeliner 😚😚😚
dipali jain
dipali jain 3 days ago
2 second hack was absolutely workin
jaweria ayaz
jaweria ayaz 3 days ago
6:17 omg loved that expression 😅😂
Lenka Tinková
Lenka Tinková 3 days ago
i am doind make-up for 8-9 years and STILL cant be PERFECT ARTIST LIKE YA :(
Manav's arts and crafts
Manav's arts and crafts 3 days ago
Please make another video this is sooooo fun to watch🎉🎉😎
no one
no one 3 days ago
CHAMPAGNE IS SO EXPENSIVE !!! ... ah right ? * looks for approval*
Lorena Ueno
Lorena Ueno 3 days ago
You work better then 5 minutes craft
Tanya Jackson
Tanya Jackson 3 days ago
Love it
Connor Rooke
Connor Rooke 4 days ago
5 mint crafts are crap
Imo Rose
Imo Rose 4 days ago
pls part 3
Harmony Reign
Harmony Reign 4 days ago
My favorite hack was the tissue paper
Valeria Solis
Valeria Solis 4 days ago
Part 3 pls
Emilia Payne
Emilia Payne 4 days ago
3:12 Is anyone going to talk about how she’s putting foundation on a plate!😱
Tik Tok heaven
Tik Tok heaven 4 days ago
James love pls girlie do some more
Ragnhildur Sigurðardóttir
Ragnhildur Sigurðardóttir 4 days ago
Haha i loved this video
Charley Joyner
Charley Joyner 4 days ago
Bindhu Thomas
Bindhu Thomas 4 days ago
The broccoli hack looked awful
Frog is king
Frog is king 4 days ago
🦐Faithful🐌like 👓a 🐯blind🌞girls😡dog🐶
mantra mk
mantra mk 4 days ago
james i have one friend his name is james and i think u are friended me lol idk
Hiba Chummon
Hiba Chummon 4 days ago
Love you James Charles And thanks for this because when I watch their video I think that it's real !
Madison Bonham
Madison Bonham 4 days ago
is it just me or was that a REALLY BIG spoon????
Zarina shaz
Zarina shaz 5 days ago
Part 3 sister
Kate Thompson
Kate Thompson 5 days ago
Kenzie Roblox YASSS
Kenzie Roblox YASSS 5 days ago
How calmly that girl blew out the burning cork you could just see the sanity leaving her body
Jada Hovey
Jada Hovey 5 days ago
Alexa guzman
Alexa guzman 5 days ago
You really inspire me
Alexa guzman
Alexa guzman 5 days ago
I love how you do your makeup and i love your videos
caleb 5
caleb 5 5 days ago
His skin is I R A T A D E D
Kasia Peszynski
Kasia Peszynski 5 days ago
Hi soo I did the same but then my face was like red and it started itching soo now I not gonna do that
sapna meetu
sapna meetu 5 days ago
i laughed my crap out XD he still remembers the lyrics= FaItHfUl LiKe A BlInD GiRl's DoG XDXDXD
Afrim Begjeti
Afrim Begjeti 5 days ago
Love james
Ankita Biswas
Ankita Biswas 5 days ago
Oh...ur smile...is just wonderful 😍😍
Surabhi Rajbonshi
Surabhi Rajbonshi 5 days ago
Love from India ❤️
Fun With Vani And Ashi
Fun With Vani And Ashi 5 days ago
Haley 5 days ago
I hate brockely
Kawaii Koalas
Kawaii Koalas 5 days ago
you neeedddd to try out the foundation that the adds are like everywhere on Instagram also love ya sisterr
Sadie Zejnullahu
Sadie Zejnullahu 5 days ago
H I S I S T E R S What did I say
lucy lane
lucy lane 6 days ago
“Faithful like a blind girls dog” BAAHAHAHA BAR OF THE YEAR I’m dead
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